Trying film for a documentary and the inspirational talk by Stuart Whipps

Well I really wanted to shoot this documentary on film as I feel it gives a great feeling of nostalgia but I don't think I have the skills to make it a viable option..... judge for yourself

So below I have included my first shoot on my olympus OM10 using 35mm fujipro..... as you can see the film was failing to wind on properly, very frustrating.
With all the issues I had I would need to spend alot of time practicing with one of the film cameras but

A second shoot with Provia slide proved more successful, but I admit, with poor subject matter but I wasn't feeling too hopeful after the first shoot. I can't quite place my finger on it but although slide creates great colours there is something about it that doesn't work, I think its the highlights become blown easily and tend to wash out the images.

Mamiya RZ67 with light meter. I had great difficulty with this camera, its isn't as easy to use as a hasselblad and unlike a hasselblad it is possible to shoot with the darkslide still in the camera so this something that I kept forgetting to remove before firing the shutter! 

I would love to get this film work off the ground after seeing work by Stuart Whipps during his talk it really inspired me to try this type of work.

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