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A direct link to my final blog containing the video and images:

Final Project Evaluation:

Project Evaluation: It's a digital age.

Final video

Here is the final video production for my work. Introduced by videos clips, images and soundclips sourced from the internet followed by a presentation of my work.
Visit: www.cheltenhamgold.tumblr.com for the wedsite of the work.


New poster Design

Mock up advertising Campaign.

Mock up of a possible flyer advertising the work on the website, Nice and simple design with a single image. 

Independent Blog.

For this work I had initially decided to place the work on my website that is under construction but I decided to create an independent tumblr account specifically created for this project.

Race day, Initial edit and evaluation

So the opening centenary celebrations have now happened and I was there all day to capture the historic event. It has to be one of the hardest things I have ever tried to cover and can see why agencies send more than one photographer! The grounds are sooo big and it takes along time to go back and forward to different areas. when the place is near capacity it is difficult to stop yourself from getting overwhelmed with the same subject matter i.e crowds, betting booths etc but I think I was able to capture images that record the festival in a positive energetic light and that was important for my project. 

Centenary day research.

The research link to the racecourse, online forum I created for this project.

One of the forums has now closed as it has passed it post date but here is the other:
Scroll down to General discussion then to the post by 'Snapper'.
As you can see, No responses.

Racecourse centenary link:

Polaroid Tests and exhibition frames

Not that it matters now but I thought I would upload the test shots from the Polaroid, I think it gives a beautiful aesthetic to the images and would have worked so well for this project.  

Creating the video, research and initial concept video

I have collected a number of clips and sounds bites from around the internet from the early to mid 1900 to the last gold cup and have started to create and introduction video to the work I will be shooting on centenary day.


Where am I?... A Critical Incident

I’v been having a real headache with this project now. Turning this way and that, looking at different subject matter, different aesthetics, told to shoot this and try that and making very little progress as far as end product is concerned but making huge leaps in attempting different techniques and new styles of working that I am not use to and although it has been enlightening it has caused me to move further away from what it is I want to shoot and what I enjoy doing.

Back from Bangladesh with plenty to think about: Riding dirt and Mapplethorpe

I'm now back from the excitement of bangladesh and although I really want to spend time producing work from the trip I have to jump straight back into my other modules, catch up with personal view and upload a backlog of images onto my blog to get it up to date.

New styles, New Techniques

New sights...

From Bangaldesh

Greeting from Chobi Mela VI

Bangladesh Jute project

I am having to put my personal view work to one side for a while as I need to focus on a project to shoot in bangladesh.
I have already been in contact with several companies and organisations both here and abroad to put a project together based on Jute manufacture in Bangladesh and the ongoing relationship between the western/European world and the exports leaving bangladesh.

I have set up a separate blog for this project but will be posting links to this page throughout. 

Trying film for a documentary and the inspirational talk by Stuart Whipps

Well I really wanted to shoot this documentary on film as I feel it gives a great feeling of nostalgia but I don't think I have the skills to make it a viable option..... judge for yourself

New 24mm

After Andys advice on changing my style of shooting I purchased a 24mm lens and starting trying it out in different situations and lighting conditions as well as trying to get a handle on a new style of photography.

Trying for a documentary...

After a couple of tutorials it was discussed that I should stop shooting the usual style as it is a tried and practiced method and that I should focus on trying a strong documentary project on something that affects me politically.
The only thing that jumped to mind was how expensive the train fairs are and how I can't afford to see my family because of it. I decided to have a look at the privatisation of British rail, the failing networks and station closures throughout the U.K.
After seeing  the work of Stuart Whips work and recently working on medium format I had the idea of shooting in either medium or large format film and photograph stations that have closed within the last decade and finding how the closure has affected life in those particular areas with a series of portraits of those interviewed.

After presenting my idea and research I was told that my idea was too broad and that taking large format images of disused stations would not be interesting, Ii was said that a much more interesting project would be to purchase a 24mm lens, travel to stations where rail disasters had occurred and shot an image for every person that died during that disaster and to get in touch in touch with the familys and photograph them.


5x4 project final Images

I have just realsied that I never posted the final images from my large format project!

Promotional Video

Turning my hand to a new media for self promotion.

The Bangladesh Project

It has been quite a while since I have created a new post for my blog...... My apologies but here is an update as to what has been going on.



An edit in process

These are just a few initial uploads from a short narrative of my recent visit to Stoke.... I have a few projects running at the same time but hope to explain the work very soon so if you don't wanna spoil it then


Large Format - Small Story

Bare with me as this is a post in progress covering the large format narrative module.

Personal View: A Primer

So, for a personal project I had decided to start shooting the kinds of events I hope to cover when I eventually end up working in the business.

Belated Update: The Power of the Single Image

This was a two part module, firstly to present five powerful images to the group and discuss and secondly to present an image of our own.


Hello and welcome to my new blog

I have created this blog to allow my followers to see my progress though the next two years of my course.

I will also try to upload my work regularly for critical review as well as reporting on the progress of modules I am currently working on.

Please feel free to comment on all work and ideas as the feedback will help me progress as a photographer.