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After a couple of tutorials it was discussed that I should stop shooting the usual style as it is a tried and practiced method and that I should focus on trying a strong documentary project on something that affects me politically.
The only thing that jumped to mind was how expensive the train fairs are and how I can't afford to see my family because of it. I decided to have a look at the privatisation of British rail, the failing networks and station closures throughout the U.K.
After seeing  the work of Stuart Whips work and recently working on medium format I had the idea of shooting in either medium or large format film and photograph stations that have closed within the last decade and finding how the closure has affected life in those particular areas with a series of portraits of those interviewed.

After presenting my idea and research I was told that my idea was too broad and that taking large format images of disused stations would not be interesting, Ii was said that a much more interesting project would be to purchase a 24mm lens, travel to stations where rail disasters had occurred and shot an image for every person that died during that disaster and to get in touch in touch with the familys and photograph them.

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