Polaroid Tests and exhibition frames

Not that it matters now but I thought I would upload the test shots from the Polaroid, I think it gives a beautiful aesthetic to the images and would have worked so well for this project.  

They are fun, exciting, nostalgic and the colour and soft focus are amazing but after the less than constructive criticism of my concept and idea I will just do as I'm told and shoot digital, I don't have the energy anymore to fight my corner.
What I thought was a great idea with the possibility for a beautiful outcome of a gallery display of the original Polaroids in deep frames was panned which was really gutting for me and caused me to reconsider completing my final year but there we have it, now I am looking forward to Andys documentary module where I can shoot what I want how I want and get some appreciation for creativity and new ideas along with some constructive feedback.

Also this here is a link to the website I found offering cheap picture frames for an exhibition.

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