Back from Bangladesh with plenty to think about: Riding dirt and Mapplethorpe

I'm now back from the excitement of bangladesh and although I really want to spend time producing work from the trip I have to jump straight back into my other modules, catch up with personal view and upload a backlog of images onto my blog to get it up to date.

My biggest concern is my personal view work, I have had a major 'critical incident' whilst in Bangladesh and have had a major rethink as to what I will shoot for personal view. I have decided that I have spent to long trying to become something I'm not i.e a documentary photographer that can produce an important and 'deep' body of work. I need to focus on what I plan to do career wise after leaving uni but chalange myself into producing the work that will make me unique. I am already able to, within reason, cover an event or festival and with more practice I will be quite skilled at it but I want to push this.

I have decided to look at covering the Cheltenham Gold Cups Centenary festival but not shoot on digital. Obviously I have had little success with film but it would add an aesthetic that is keeping with this tradional event. Personally I feel film has a nostalgic connection associated with it.
My concern is that shooting on digital will make the images appear to be too modern and potentially look like it has been produced for a magazine spread.
With only a few weeks to go until the hand in I have had a new idea, for this project I want to look at polaroid cameras/film and have ben looking at several photographers in this field, Jim Goldberg for one but more notably for me is Mike Brodys work 'Ridin dirty face'.

I think that polaroid potentially has an associated nostalgia and visual aesthetic that could work for this project so I have decided to purchase a polaroid camera and film to see the style and feel of the images produced and see if it is something that I can work with.

Robert Mapplethorpe also did a series on polaroid that is a fantastic body of work and inspirational for my work

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