Personal View: A Primer

So, for a personal project I had decided to start shooting the kinds of events I hope to cover when I eventually end up working in the business.

I relaise that for these kind of publications there will be little to no flexability to the media format used to shoot these events but for personal interest I decided to use many different cameras and formats to see which I find add extra style and character to the project. I started by shooting the vintage rally on digital to get back into the swing of covering these kind of events, the next plan was to move into medium format with slide film to cover the next race meet at the Cheltenham Racecourse but with obligations to other modules I had to postpone this for the time being.

While I had a free sunday I decided to continue expanding on my summer project, looking at the struggling 'Network Rail' and the state of the british railway system as a whole.
The idea of this project is not to get an indepth view of the workings of network rail but more of a visual understanding of the railway system.
I have never been able to put into words why I find the railway system so uniquly interesting from an aethetic point of view but there is something so unique about the way it interacts with its surroundings and how the surroundings interact with it.

For my first trip I decided to visit a staion not far up the line from Cheltenham called Kemble, I'v never been there before but past it several times whilst travellng to London.
What interested me about this particular station is how well kept it is despite it being such a small village but it relies on the train as its main mode of public transport.

Although I had a light meter to hand it has been quite a while since using color slide so I decided to bracket the shots to give myself a better understanding of how the process works.
I not only shot images of the station itself but the rail line and surrounding structures.
Several of the shots where slightly overexposed but thanks to the bracketing I came away with a few interesting shots.

I have yet to scan all the shots from the shoot but have added a few examples to this post.

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  1. Andy, did you know there was once an RAF base at this small village too?